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We offer a wide range of services covering all kinds of pest control & sanitary provision.
Below is a short list of some of the more common services we offer.

Ant Removal

The black or garden ant is the commonest British ant to enter houses and it is found in almost all parts of the country.


Bats are found in many places including houses, churches, farms, caves, mines and many other buildings.

Bed Bugs

The bed bug is an wide spread  public health pest feeding on human hosts while they sleep & characterised as one of the more unpleasant pests

Biscuit Beetle

May attack not only foodstuffs but leather, hide, paper and other manufactured goods. Documented as able to eat through almost all packaging including metal.


Indoors they like moist, warm, dark conditions and are attracted to dried foods. They may sometimes be found in the folds of food packets or in cracks & crevices in cupboards.


Generally found indoors, such as in cellars, basements, kitchens, bakeries, and heating ducts etc. The Oriental cockroach can survive outdoors in Britain during the summer months.

Feral Pigeons

Pigeons cause many problems including: Fouling of Buildings Fouling occurs where birds nest or roost. Apart from being unsightly, the acidic droppings can erode stonework causing long term damage.

Rodent Proofing

Along with pest control West Pest also offer rodent proofing. Our technician will carry out an inspection, identifying vulnerable places in and around your premises.  Once complete the technician will discuss proofing options with you.


Fleas lay their eggs close to or on an infested animal. Wall to wall carpeting & soft furnishings also provide a relatively undisturbed environment for fleas to develop.


Foxes will tunnel under sheds or among shrubs, making large piles of earth or sand.


Most of the damage they do is by gnawing and ripping open packets. They also foul food with urine and droppings. Mice will gnaw their way through wood to get to sources of food.


Moles burrow lawns, raising molehills, and killing the lawn, for which they are sometimes considered pests. They can undermine plant roots, indirectly causing damage or death


Rats can transmit many diseases to humans, including Salmonellosis (food poisoning) & Weils disease. They will eat or contaminate food intended for humans.


Silverfish are silver-grey in colour, torpedo shaped, and c. 12mm long. They have long antennae, no wings & prefer the dark. When disturbed they make short, darting movements similar to fish.

Wasps & hornets

Wasps usually eat insects, which are mainly garden or household pests. They also feed on dustbin waste and animal carcasses.


In emergencies we will aim to be with you the same day. Appointments can be arranged at a time convenient to you if required.

All our staff, vehicles and equipment are fully ensured for both domestic and commercial work.  

In most cases an on-site inspection is required in order to determine the size and scope of the issue.  These are supplied free of charge.  In emergency situations this can be done on the same day as the treatment.

Yes.  WestPest offer on-going contracts with clients who will receive regular visits for both inspection and treatment.

We offer a full range of services to commercial, industrial and retail premises.  Visits can be arranged out-of-hours to ensure there is no disruption to your business.

Yes.  We pride ourselves on the quality of the work we do and ensure all staff are fully trained on all aspects of pest control.

Indicative prices are published on the Prices page of the site.  On going contracts and non-standard treatment works are prices on application.

WestPest guarantee all of the work we undertake, no matter how large or small.  Details of our guarantee can be discussed with our representatives.

Client Testimonials

“We were due to have some work undertaken in one of the attics. On the day it was due to start a rather large wasps nest was discovered, I called West Pest and within and hour Steve had called to the museum, assessed what was required and dealt with the issue. We couldn't ask for more speed, efficiency and value for money”
Nicholas Harding, Haslemere Museum
“I've used West Pest for both my business and my residential premises for a number of years. I have always found them to be very professional and responsive.”​
Mark T, Haslemere
“Steve is a lovely man, he is always there when you need him, reliable, good value and he really knows pests and their behaviour. His knowledge means he has helped us with all of our pest control issues - wasps, mice and even rats. We highly recommend West Pest.”
Susie S, Bordon

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